Dealing with Time Zones

Time zones are an inherent barrier to outsourcing software development. Learn to effectively work across time zones and reduce delays, streamline communication, and stop waiting for replies.

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Working across time zones is hard when you're asleep while your development partner is working, and vice versa. Communication comes with a several hour-long delay, and calls are impossible to schedule.

What You Can Do:

  • Establish a schedule and channel for communication
  • Find a communication system that works asynchronously
  • Take advantage of status trackers and enforce regular updates
  • Know when to (and when not to) get on a call

When we first started, we spent so much time waiting for replies that our projects were seeing delays of more than a week. After we built our project management tool to handle asynchronous communication, both our clients and our developers were able to work with greatly reduced delays. Check out our guide to learn more!

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