Freelance Software Developer: Everything You Need To Know

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A freelance software developer is essential for businesses to create, develop, and maintain various programs. Hiring freelancers allows companies to have the opportunity to utilize the expertise and knowledge of experts from around the world while also controlling the amount of work and costs associated with their services.

But before you start searching for a freelance software developer, it's first essential that you understand the benefits and implications of choosing freelancers as opposed to traditional hiring. 

We at Aloa understand the importance and benefits of outsourcing software developers to aid in project development. Our team works personally with each client and ensures that they are matched with the best software developers from our curated list of partners. As part of our experience, we've worked with freelances to enhance our client satisfaction towards providing the most skilled solutions to their needs.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to scout for potential freelance software developers. We'll also be talking about the various platforms and methods to find reliable and efficient freelance software developers. By the end, you'll have a well rounded view on how to go about working with freelance software developers and the essential skills to watch out for.

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What is a Freelance Software Developer?

A freelance software developer is a professional who independently works on software projects for clients. These developers offer specialized expertises in various roles needed when developing software projects. Hiring these developers can aid smaller businesses to effectively hire outside services without spending large amounts for a dedicated team. 

Freelancers allow organizations to properly vet every individual software developer and choose which member/s to hire to complete a project. Businesses can also contact various outsourcing companies, such as our team at Aloa, to help select a freelance software developer that matches your company's needs and values.

How Can a Freelance Software Developer Help Businesses?

Industries that utilize custom software will find that developing the program is much easier on paper than in practice. Businesses must have a dedicated team to help craft and manage reliable software to ensure maximum potential and revenue within a company. Freelance software developers can aid in all manners related to outsourcing software development.

Here's how to turn your freelance software developer into a valuable asset:

How can a Freelance Software Developer Help Businesses

Cost-Effective Solution

Freelancers are a great, cost-effective alternative for startups and businesses looking to reduce hiring costs. Hiring specialized trained developers allows companies to utilize their expertise without additional training while reducing overhead spending compared to hiring a full-time team. 

Freelancers also have the option to be paid on an hourly, monthly, or even by project completion basis, which can drastically mitigate any wasteful spending in companies. Hiring contracts can also be set for specific projects only to ensure that all expenditures will be finalized once their services are complete. Moreover, freelancers are responsible for handling their tax obligations, which means that companies employing them can further reduce administrative work and financial burdens tied to employee taxation.


A freelance software developer can offer plenty of avenues for scaling and flexibility. Regardless of whether the project contract is short-term or long-term, there are hiring options that can quickly adapt and adjust to the needs of your business. 

Industries with fluctuating workloads can take advantage of this strategy by reducing the number of freelance developer hires when only maintenance and monitoring work is required.  

Global Reach

Companies can hire virtually any freelance software developer from across the globe as long as businesses make it clear to their prospective freelance software developers about the workload and the time schedule needed for meetings and updates. 

The internationally-driven appeal of outsourcing software developers opens up new potential to further scale the project to fit international appeal. Also, businesses can manage the expected wages from the country of origin of their freelance software developer and formulate an effective payment scheme that works for both parties. 

Faster Project Completion

Hiring a freelance software developer can effectively trim down the project completion date, provided that their skills are up to match your expectations. One of the main benefits of choosing freelancers is that they are entirely dedicated to accomplishing the tasks needed to complete a project.

Businesses with tight deadlines looking to catch up or finish ahead of schedule can utilize more freelance developers to assist in providing much-needed work while minimizing the impact of the effect on your company's available workforce and resources.  

Minimal Training

You must select a freelance software developer who already has the necessary skills and knowledge to operate on your specific program. Programming language proficiency, complex coding background, and even AI development skills are all common development traits that all companies should look for in freelancers.

The few things that your business should discuss with your freelance software developer should revolve around components such as internal team communication programs and project management tools used by the company. More background accomplishments would mean less time devoted to training individuals to comprehend your software system.

No Long-Term Commitment

Freelancers are not full-time employees. This notion makes it easier for businesses to focus on ending the contract with a freelance software developer as soon as their project or minimal contract period is met. However, some platforms would have a standing agreement requiring businesses to meet specific criteria before being legally allowed to end a contract early.

No long-term commitment makes resource management easier to track since the expected total cost of each hired freelance software developer should be accounted for from the beginning. Any additional fees are easily mitigated, provided enough administrative workarounds are met.  

When to Hire a Freelance Software Developer?

Most businesses would want to focus on building their company's teams first. However, opening up the opportunity to hire outsourced help can provide long-term relief, especially for startups looking to save money. Here are some important details to learn when to hire a freelance software developer:

When to Hire a Freelance Software Developer

Fluctuating Workloads

Regardless of the industry, businesses can have varying degrees of workload. However, most startups would experience fluctuating workloads that can cause issues when too many staff are doing nothing.

Freelancers provide flexibility that can be utilized when there is a peak in workload while also keeping the option to instantly scale down when the workload ceases to skyrocket. More opportunities to control the pace and shift of the overall work output can drastically prevent unnecessary waste for companies.

Expertise Required

Every software developer has a unique skill that makes them stand out amongst the rest. However, it's important to know that their technical knowledge and expertise can help further improve the software. Hiring a freelancer specializing in a skill your team lacks can provide a better insight into how to operate that component in detail.

The knowledge and expertise of a freelancer can give a closer look at providing better stability and new ideas to vastly optimize and streamline efficiency in the workplace. Remember to remain open to new concepts even with your chosen freelancers, as it can provide new ways to improve the system.  

Augment Temporary Staff

Filling temporary roles to offset some workload in a pre-existing team is one of the main benefits of hiring freelance software developers. Existing roles or general support for maintenance or monitoring of various software can be done through an outsourced hire to free up resources for developing new programs.

Take note that filling temporary staff positions with freelancers should still undergo appropriate hiring practices to ensure compliance with the industry standards.

Tightening of Funds

Startups typically struggle to maintain overhead costs due to the difficulty of balancing both scalability and resource management. Hiring a freelancer is an excellent option for businesses when there is a tightening of funds and resources. It allows smaller companies to offset their workload to an experienced outsourced help while maintaining control over total costs.

Companies can also use this strategy as a way to easily track the progress of each freelance software developer and determine their use case regularly. Any freelancers that exceed their usability can be easily let go as their contracts are easily completed or nulled compared to traditional employee hires.

Administrative Limitations

Administrative work requires constant monitoring throughout every member of a company. Outsourced freelance software developers allow businesses to waste less time with administration as opposed to managing full-time employees for a more streamlined approach, especially useful for single short-term projects.

Important Qualifications of a Freelance Software Developer

A freelance software developer is an inexpensive yet highly reliable option for most businesses to help develop or maintain various software. However, it's critical to evaluate the capabilities of each developer to ensure that their services can provide long-term benefits to your company. Here are some important qualifications to look for in a freelance software developer:

Important Qualifications of a Freelance Software Developer

Programming Language/s

Knowledge of various programming languages, such as JavaScript and Python, is a critical skill that all software developers should have. Ensure that your potential freelance software developer candidates meet the necessary programming languages or machine learning information that your program was made with for a smooth transition.

Database Management

Businesses typically require freelancers to submit their project reports through official internal communication platforms used by the company to ensure that all records are intact. Freelance software developers should have the skills to be proficient in database management systems such as SQL or MongoDB to ensure data storage and data retrieval capabilities. 

Client References

A detailed report on a freelancer's online portfolio allows businesses to conduct a thorough look into the capabilities and potential of each candidate. Requesting client references or direct testimonials goes a long way in providing a clear image of each freelance software developer's character traits such as work ethic, reliability, and ability to deliver on promises set. 

Mobile and Web Development Skills

Programming skills in both mobile and web development are vital for businesses to help optimize user experience and the user interface. These specific needs help ascertain unique specializations that can provide a fresh outlook on improving your software and increasing potential clients.

How to Hire a Freelance Software Developer?

Hiring a freelance software developer can be a crucial decision for your business, as it directly impacts the success of your software projects. Here are the critical steps needed to help businesses hire a freelance software developer effectively:

How to Hire a Freelance Software Developer

Step 1: Define Project Needs and Requirements

Before selecting a freelance software developer to work with your company, it's first essential to determine the needs and requirements for each project. Most freelance developers are hired on a project-completion basis. Understanding the various components needed to complete said project can help narrow the search and save both time and money spent when hiring software developers.

Project scopes can range from a simple team-fill role to formulating the entire project plan. Make sure to thoroughly discuss the limitations of your company's resources and team capabilities first before hiring freelancers to maximize the potential of each project..

Step 2: Explore Various Platforms

Freelance software developers can be found on various platforms. Businesses can hire an outsourcing consultant or go through websites hosting freelancing services to find the required freelance software developers. Online tech forums and job postings are another method to learn about different platforms to search for developers. 

There are no limitations when posting for online job applications, so it's an excellent strategy to utilize the various platforms to maximize reach. However, take note of the quality of options given at a particular site or outsourcing company before hiring a freelance software developer.

Step 3: Create a Job Listing

Being as detailed and transparent as possible when posting job descriptions online or dealing with an outsourcing consultation firm is important. Essential details such as the exact components and skills needed to complete a project, the number of hours expected to work, the expected wage, and other aspects can narrow down any confusion in the future.

Expect the same notion when hiring teams of software developers when dealing with detailed job descriptions. Choosing from the best sites to hire a freelance developer, such as job boards, to search through all potential options allows for more choices.

Step 4: Conduct an Interview

Hiring a freelance software developer might seem simple on paper, but choosing the best option requires more than written skill sets. Conduct a personal interview with your potential freelance software developer choice and figure out if the project goals and company values align with yours. Checking past certifications and references can also help while conducting an interview.

Any questions and possible hindrances should be addressed alongside the final expected wage to ensure total transparency and compliance in the contract. Take note of the ability to communicate and adapt to changing environments when interviewing to ensure that the potential hire in question is a good fit for your industry.

Step 5: Monitor and Manage

Regardless of how efficient your hired freelance software developer is, it's essential that you regularly monitor and manage progress to ensure that the project remains on schedule. Take this opportunity to routinely set meetings to help discuss any lingering issues or possible improvements towards the overall software design and development process.

Key Takeaway

A freelance software developer is an effective and cost-efficient viable option that companies can utilize to streamline workload without requiring much administrative work. Choosing to hire outsourced experts to aid in software engineering and freelance software development allows businesses to reduce resource wastes such as onboarding seminars, full-time employment, and benefits.

Businesses should explore their options and available resources to determine the best use cases for dealing with outsourced freelance software developers. Having a fully-researched project in mind can help mitigate time wastes and maximize the usability and costs of each freelance hire. Also, limit the scope of the workload to focus on specific components of a project to effectively minimize the potential for error.

If you want to explore the benefits of hiring a freelance software developer, contact us as for more information.

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