YOVI is an application that makes nightlife and events more transparent and accessible.

Client Name



Nashville, TN


The founding team is not technical. They had to translate a one-sentence business idea into a fully functioning application.

Tech Stack

Swift (mobile), Node.js, React (web)


We delivered designs to support their fundraising efforts. After a successful raise, Aloa was able to successfully complete a full development roadmap that included a mobile and web application.


YOVI was founded by two non-technical, first-time founders, Vanderbilt graduate students. The team had an idea to make nightlife and events more transparent and accessible for their community.

Before meeting with Aloa, YOVI was able to hash out their concept through an in-depth customer discovery process. After completing numerous interviews, they confirmed their initial hypothesis and began to conduct market research with their customer segments in mind.

When approaching Aloa, YOVI already had a full-blown business plan. We were able to support them in fine-tuning their user stories and features, making the execution on building the technology the final piece of their puzzle.

A view of three screens from YOVI
A view of three screens from YOVI


The main challenges for YOVI was that they were not only non-technical, but they were first-time founders; this was the first product they have built.

YOVI also needed to fundraise in order to secure capital to build out the full product. With only a business-plan, they needed something tangible to show investors before they could close on funds.

It was imperative that we coached them through the process of translating their idea into a technical feature-set. We then walked them through the process of how we would go about converting the feature-set into designs.

YOVI mobile app - discover nightlife
YOVI mobile app - discover nightlife


Aloa was able to get to know YOVI and understand their business model to ensure that we paired them with a team that was not only technically capable, but one that could design their product up to industry expectations.

We identified the right team and began with a design phase. After completing a successful design phase, it took YOVI about 4-5 months to leverage the outputs and secure their funding.

Once secured, YOVI was able to come back to Aloa in order to build out the mobile application.

Business Outcome

The mobile application that we built for YOVI allowed them to test their MVP. Through this process, they were able to study their users to determine that they needed to pivot their customer target segment.

Rather than focusing on B2C, they realized that they needed to transition to B2B, which required them to build out a web application MVP as that was what the event space hosts and providers were interested in.

Aloa was able to continue our relationship with YOVI and support them in successfully building out the web MVP as well.

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