PepCare is a singular platform for orthodontists that compiles all doctor-customer interactions in one place.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin


With a non-technical founder, PepCare leaned on Aloa to translate his vision into reality while navigating relevant HIPAA compliances.

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React, Python, SQL


PepCare's platform was completed beyond expectations, positioning it to onboard over 1,000 orthodontists.


PepCare founder and Smile Doctors associate Bryon Kozak wanted to create a singular platform that compiles all doctor-customer interactions in one place. The idea behind this innovation was to cater the developed platform specifically for orthodontists, including features and capabilities specific to the field. 

Bryon came to Aloa with this amazing idea and a flowchart that visualizes the capabilities of the dashboard.  As a non-technical founder, he was looking for a team to turn his platform vision into reality.

Eventually, the MVP would be released to other orthodontists within his network, backing needed to scale and maintain the dashboard fully. PepCare aims to be the leading database software for orthodontists and their clinics nationwide.

Patient view
Patient view


After our initial collaboration, PepCare’s development was well underway to become the premier dashboard for doctor-patient communications and database management software. The leading proponent that our team needed to address during its development PepCare was ensuring the database followed the guidelines and requirements for HIPAA compliance. 

We had to ensure that the patient data entered into the systems complied with HIPPA law guidelines and stipulations, making it a viable solution for clinics to use the platform to organize and aggregate patient information. 

Creating the rest of the platform was a straightforward process. Overall, PepCare's capability centered on having an elaborate dashboard with multiple functionalities while applying a simple-to-understand user interface that could seamlessly integrate into the clinical setting.

Virtual discussion view
Virtual discussion view


The initial project timelines included six sprints to create a well-rounded MVP that incorporated all the initial goals and functionality. During the development, however, the need to include additional features such as HIPAA compliance required us to add a 7th and 8th sprint to get PepCare from an MVP to an MSP (minimum sellable product). 

Within one month of our collaboration with Bryon, we could outline a high-level flowchart of development, incorporating all the key features and capabilities he had in mind. To do so, we worked with our partner Techjays, providing two primary resources to complete the job. 

The first resource was a product manager, who worked closely with Bryon to translate his ideas into the scope of work, user story, and business requirements necessary to begin the design and development phase. 

The second resource was the designer, who managed to create the platform mock-up based on the artifacts gathered by the product manager. After four weeks, Bryon and his sourced development team made a full-blown features review story and documents necessary for a fully functional prototype design.

Business Outcome

Pushing together Bryon's established network of small adapters, and a fully HIPAA-compliant patient dashboard specifically focused on orthodontic practices with comprehensive functionality, PepCare achieved its plans of becoming an MVP. 

Upon project completion, PepCare aims to onboard 1,000 orthodontists to the platform. Bryon is already working with the largest orthodontist network company in North America, SmileDoctors, so bringing them onto his platform became a streamlined process.

When Bryon first came to us with his idea during the Fall of 2022, we started his project by closely collaborating with him on expectations, timelines, and budget. His ideal goal was to have this platform ready by March or April of 2023, so he could showcase the product during conferences and meetings. 

Meeting this goal, we delivered the MVP in January 2023. We are currently wrapping up the final sprints of the project, which will turn PepCare into an MVP to an MSP that will generate revenue once fully rolled out. 

PepCare is now slated to become the up-and-coming orthodontic clinic software solution that enables patients, orthodontics, and clinic personnel to streamline patient care and management. The capabilities and features of PepCare are highly targeted for the industry, making it the ideal solution for clinics across North America to integrate into their systems.

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