LoanShout allows Loan Officers to update their clients and referral partners during the home buying process.

Client Name



Atlanta, GA


Finding a senior full-stack developer to supplement the existing developers that could handle both React & Golang.

Tech Stack

React, Golang


We built version 2 of their platform post MVP with a full-time developer from Joonik. Worked with them for over a year in building out more features. Business got acquired by one of the fastest growing mortgage lender companies in the US, meaning his platform got acquired as well.


Sean Grapevine, Founder of LoanShout, started a mortgage company in the mid 2010s. As he got familiar with the ecosystem, he realized that there was a significant lack of transparency when it came to receiving updates from loan officers.

If you were to buy a house, a loan officer would traditionally take you through the steps you need to accomplish in order to qualify for a loan. The purpose of LoanShout is to bring transparency and communication to every step of this process/

LoanShout is an application that facilitates a user’s journey from contract to closing, keeping every stakeholder in the loop (both buyers and sellers). It helps manage every detail associated with each step of the process and keeps track of milestones and performance to maintain accountability.


The main challenge that LoanShout faced was to identify the right resource. Aloa was able to look towards one of our Partners, Joonik, based in Colombia. 

Their product was built in React and Golang. Golang is not the most traditional technology selection, so it was important to find a resource who was experienced enough to work with these technologies, work within an existing code base, as well as maintain a high-level of communication, which requires strong english proficiency.

While Aloa was able to support LoanShout in the process of finding the right resource, in the middle of the project, the resource selected had to be de-allocated from the project due to personal reasons. 

Rather than face the burden alone of having to replace a developer, Aloa worked with Joonik to replace this resources with two other developers. We were able to make the transition seamless and ensure that LoanShout did not face any downtime nor development efficiency as we ramped up the new developers to allow them to take over the project right when the existing developer was ready to leave.


Aloa was able to leverage our Partner Network to identify the right team for LoanShout to work with. Aloa began this process by first working with LoanShout’s internal development team. We were able to interview these resources, the builders of the original platform, to understand the right candidate profile to look for in finding supplemental talent for LoanShout.

After extensive interviews, we were able to determine that Joonik was the right fit for LoanShout’s needs.

The proposed developer interviewed with the in-house team and determined after that sole interview that the resource was right for the job. The team began with a 1-month trial period, which went so well that the team signed for an initial 6-month contract.

Business Outcome

Aloa started working with LoanShout in June of 2021. In March of 2021, they were acquired by one of the fastest growing mortgage lending companies in the United States.

A huge part of this acquisition was LoanShout’s strength in letting technology amplify their business operations. Leveraging this product, Sean was able to successfully complete this acquisition while still maintaining ownership over his platform.

His acquirer now leverages LoanShout to support their own business operations.

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