7+ Sites Offering Outstanding Web Design Services: A+ List

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Web design services can vary depending on the needs of the user. However, effective usage of web design will not only improve the form but also improve the overall functionality of the website. Effective web design services are aimed at increasing brand identity while also boosting the user experience for longer customer retention. 

We here at Aloa understand that a company that takes extra care in improving its website development and design has more potential to reach its audience than most. Our team members focus on matching clients with developers who seek to enhance the scalability potential and make your website stand out from the competition. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing 7+ sites that offer outstanding web design services to help promote your brand. Each site has been carefully curated to accommodate different industries and company sizes to ensure that both startups and larger corporations have the chance to improve their website design.

Let's begin!

7+ Excellent Sites To Explore For Web Design Services

Web design services are essential to improving both the visual appeal and the usability of a website. These great sites understand the fundamentals of effective design philosophy and utilize it to improve websites in more ways than one.

Here are the 7+ excellent sites to explore for web design services:

1. Solid Digital - Brand-Focused Ideas (USA)

Solid Digital - Brand-Focused Ideas (USA)

Solid Digital is a web design service company that prioritizes building a solid brand reputation and identity for its audiences. With both efficiency and marketing strategies combined, Solid Digital's goal is to ensure that your company's online marketability and brand identity are always at the forefront of their plans. 

Businesses can expect detailed attention to features such as aligning both the brand identity and the website's overall design elements to create a more memorable user experience. Companies utilizing Solid Digital's web design services can also notice a boost in customer conversations through data-driven CRO, email automation, and a customer journey system.

Notable Features of Solid Digital

  • Wireframe & User Experience: Companies that want a steady and uniform structure for their sites can utilize Solid Digital's wireframe structure as a base for web design.
  • Discovery Workshop: Understand the fundamentals, latest trends, competition, and other facets of an industry leader to help design a new website based on experience.
  • Branded Content Styling: Make every content marketing blog post align with your brand's structure and identity to create a consistent outlook for your users.

Solid Digital Pricing Plans

Solid Digital does not offer direct pricing plans for any of their services on their website. However, potential clients can request a quotation directly on the site itself. 

Businesses looking to develop a systematic yet detailed approach to building and designing a new website will find Solid Digital as an excellent candidate. Their web design services allow companies to formulate a solid brand-focused idea based on their industry standards and draft a concept that propels the site towards a more global appeal.

2. The Future Forward - Long-Term Strategic Implementation (USA)

The Future Forward - Long-Term Strategic Implementation (USA)

The Future Forward is a company that focuses on implementing long-term strategies that can help ensure a sustainable website design. The focus of their developers is aimed at providing a holistic approach to dealing with potential hurdles while also taking advantage of current industry trends to excel from the competition. 

Companies under their guidance can expect detailed analytics targeted at protecting your brand reputation. Brand communication, digital innovation, marketing, and digital marketing are their bread and butter to ensure that their services can easily adapt to the constant wave of industry changes and developments in the future.  

Notable Features of The Future Forward

  • Empathic Design: Carefully craft and manage web design to have a more human-like approach that drastically improves user experience by utilizing an empathic design.
  • Print Services: Extend your brand's reach outside of the internet with numerous print-based services such as packaging and brand collateral.
  • Adaptive Approach: Achieve long-term viability with consistent maintenance and updates to ensure your website can stand among the latest web development and design changes. 

The Future Forward Pricing Plans

The Future Forward only allows potential customers to contact and schedule a meeting directly on their website. Potential customers can request different web design services alongside their forms to allow for faster replies and price offers.

The Future Forward takes a no-nonsense approach to designing and developing websites that can achieve more significant influence on a broader scale. Their holistic approach is a great option for startups looking for a long-term partner to help grow and scale their website for future operations and developments. 

3. AnyforSoft - End-to-End Design and Development (Ukraine)

AnyforSoft - End-to-End Design and Development (Ukraine)

AnyforSoft is a software development company that prioritizes end-to-end development. However, companies can also receive extensive web design services from their list of dependable list of software developers. These design and development experts formulate a complete plan of action to ensure website visitors understand the company culture with one click to your site.

Businesses looking to utilize AnyforSoft's end-to-end design and development team approach can receive benefits ranging from logo design to interactive landing pages. Additional features that make this development company great for sites include technical design elements such as customized lead magnets, intuitive navigation, and updating responsive design on page layouts.

Notable Features of AnyforSoft

  • Extensive Functionality: Better form and function to improve user interaction through interactable elements on various page layouts and buttons. 
  • Additional Development Services: Expand all software development by choosing additional features through AnyforSoft's extensive services.
  • Customized Lead Magnets: High-quality lead generation allows your website to expand its reach through the use of backlinking, social media, custom solutions, and organic traffic growth.

AnyforSoft Pricing Plans

AnyforSoft's pricing plans are only available to customers who reach out through their website for a customized quotation for each service available. 

AnyforSoft is a fantastic option for technically demanding website designs that require careful planning and development to ensure that all software integrations can work at a steady, streamlined approach. Their web design services are perfect for companies that utilize cloud-based computing or customer feedback to operate.

4. ControlF5 - User-Experience Specialty (India)

ControlF5 - User-Experience Specialty (India)

ControlF5 understands the need for practical user experience. They focus on providing effective web design services by prioritizing comfort and usability for their client's industry. Also, their services include redesigning an existing website to accommodate any changes needed to meet the expectations of the industry.

Businesses can benefit from ControlF5's integration services to streamline various services directly to your Shopify, Webflow, Wix, or other platforms. Tools such as SEO optimization and eCommerce integration allow for industry-specific web designs that can help propel each website to its maximum potential.

Notable Features of Working with ControlF5

  • Website Builder: Choose from various CMS to build your website from WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, Shopify, and Wix.
  • Industry-Specific Needs: eCommerce websites can utilize a suite of solutions to help increase revenue while still maintaining a user-centric design element.
  • Minimum Viable Product: Companies wanting the fastest design and implementation can receive a minimum viable product to launch services with a basic platform quickly.

ControlF5 Pricing Plans

ControlF5 allows potential customers to reach out to them through their website to schedule a meeting to discuss specific details and final quotations for their services. 

Businesses heavily leaning towards increased user interactivity with their websites can find ControlF5's formula of relying on improving user experience and the user interface as a game-changing component. Each developer under ControlF5 ensures their clients maximum QA testing to offer the most optimal design elements for better usability and readability.

5. Digifianz - Hubspot Partner (Argentina)

Digifianz - Hubspot Partner (Argentina)

Digifianz is a company that focuses on purpose-driven implementation. Their web design services offer businesses a fresh perspective while keeping track of the central vision and brand identity. Their developers focus on quick returns by maximizing the potential of conversion rate traffic directly to your website. 

Digifianz utilizes Hubspot to help implement all changes and development through this platform for easy optimization and utilization. Companies that take advantage of a sophisticated and competent platform will find Digifianz's partnership with Hubspot allows for a faster return with their customized blueprint and training. 

Notable Features of Digifianz

  • Landing and Blog Pages: Keep the conversation and presence open to reach a wider audience with Digifianz's blog support to help maintain an active online presence and viability.
  • Hubspot Reliability: Partner directly with Hubspot to optimize your web design and development through additional CRM tools to better integrate various software programs.
  • Consistent Optimization: Ensure long-term reliability and customer retention through recurring optimization and search engine optimization. Also, gain access to growth-focused user behavior analysis reports.

Digifianz Pricing Plans

Companies interested in Digifianz's services can directly contact them through their website. Digifianz is an excellent option for startups or businesses that have yet to establish a robust company website. The opportunity to have a reliable platform such as Hubspot allows the website to be designed, developed, and hosted under one web design service.

Customers looking for an all-in-one solution for their web design services can take advantage of Digifianz's Hubspot partnership to create a website that incorporates every component under one banner. This system allows companies to worry less about resource-intensive workloads to enable more opportunities for business operations instead of maintaining their website.

6. Cerbo - Creativity Potential (Brazil)

Cerbo - Creativity Potential (Brazil)

Cerbo takes creativity as nature for their web design services. Every client and project is considered a memorable opportunity to connect with as many people as possible. Each client and project is broken down to finding the best combination of web, branding, and design to craft each site's most unique and creative approach. 

Cerbo takes pride in its creative-by-nature approach by utilizing three main components to its web design services. All aspects of branding, from the naming and positioning component to ensuring the user experience remains consistent with the overall business approach, are all part of their design elements. Design elements such as visual identity and graphic pieces are all key choices to fulfilling the best creative potential possible.

Notable Features of Cerbo

  • Brand Creation and Ideology: Formulate the best practices and approach to draft a brand that speaks to both the target audience and industry alike.
  • Visual Identity Manual: Always maintain sight of the overall design choices and elements that make your online business stand out with a personalized visual identity manual.
  • Extensive Market Research: Stand out in your industry with comprehensive market research data to ensure your company has a brand unlike any other.

Cerbo Pricing Plans

Cerbo does not offer a direct price quotation for interested customers. However, users can easily schedule a meeting by choosing to talk directly with their services by filling out a form on their website.

Businesses looking to stand out in their industry and trailblaze new and creative ideas will find Cerbo's web design services as their best choice. Utilizing unique design elements with every project that aligns with your brand's identity allows your business to garner widespread appeal and attention to help attract more users to your website. 

7. Fatbit - Dedicated Design Packages (India)

Fatbit - Dedicated Design Packages (India)

Fatbit prides itself on its purpose-driven website design packages aimed at simplifying the hiring and development process under one model. All pricing plans come fully equipped with the tools, developers, and resources needed to ensure a streamlined approach to web design. Their services also include additional tech support and maintenance for multiple months.

Trend checks and optimal wireframes are all components at Fatbit that their web designers and developers take seriously to ensure that each step consistently increases your brand's value and identity. Potential clients can also limit their choice of web pages created to ensure that money is always well-spent.  

Notable Features of Fatbit

  • Design Packages: No need to worry about what services are included or hidden fees for your website design services with Fatbit's formulated pricing packaging formula.
  • Industry Trend Check: Secure the latest market trends to ensure your website hits the optimal search engine rankings.
  • Customer Experience Focus: Keep your customers' attention while keeping their experience at maximum with highly vetted developers and designers all trained to improve the overall user experience.  

Fatbit Pricing Plans

Fatbit offers three main choices for design pricing packages that allow businesses of varying sizes and scopes to select from different services. Small businesses can obtain 5 web pages, including a specialized homepage. In comparison, medium and large enterprises will have an increase to 10 and 20 pages, respectively. Also, logo design drafts and a header slideshow are included for the medium and large business pricing plans.

Companies looking for a reliable and transparent pricing plan for their website design can find comfort in the transparency of Fatbit's services. There is also a WordPress + Ready Theme Powered Website Package for businesses that choose to opt for their development to that specific platform.

8. DHNN - Process Driven Design (Buenos Aires)

DHNN - Process Driven Design (Buenos Aires)

DHNN is a design agency that incorporates both business goals and a creative customer experience into a single package. From branding strategies to product development, DHNN is heavily involved with ensuring that each design choice matches the overall company structure to provide the highest level of customer retention.

Each web design process is taken into account, from the utilization of brand videos and animated content to the complex nature of IxD design output. Every step is carefully monitored and tested to provide the most unique and professional approach online. Different devices, platforms, and services are all included when designing the website to guarantee responsiveness across all boards.

Notable Features of DHNN

  • Brand Graphic System: Calculate the best uses for each interactive element, graphic, and element to develop a unique aesthetic that blends well with your branding. 
  • Lo-Fi Prototyping: Low-fidelity prototypes of products and website designs for a quick and viable concept brought to life.
  • Interactive Digital Touchpoints: Achieve better communication with your target audience while generating qualified leads to secure your business goals. 

DHNN Pricing Plans

DHNN offers a sophisticated panel on its website where potential clients can send out queries for general information or apply for their services. 

Companies trying to break out of the usual curve and want to partner with a website designer who understands the complexity of user experience and creativity will find DHNN as their perfect partner. With a focus on a collective brain company culture, clients, designers, and developers all have a voice to showcase different possibilities to influence your brand's potential.  

Key Skills to Look for Outstanding Web Design Service

Web design services can vary in output and effectiveness. It's essential for businesses to ensure that they have software developers who understand the impact of good and effective website design on users. 

These are the key skills to look for outstanding web design services:

Key Skills to Look for Outstanding Web Design Service

Technical Skills

Every developer knows that technical knowledge can help mitigate potential issues with handling lofty design goals. Knowledge of a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and tools is crucial for a web designer to create a website that is not only visually appealing but also functional and efficient. 

Some key technical skills to look for include:

Web Performance Optimization

Most companies will focus on keeping their website visually appealing by placing attractive templates and elements that can help with brand identity. However, slow and inefficient web performance can leave a lasting impression on your audience, drastically affecting customer retention. 

Hiring a web design company that optimizes the website's speed and responsiveness ensures that your users can still comfortably utilize the platform. 

User Experience and User Interface Improvements

Businesses should always target a good balance between good user experience and user interface to ensure the site works optimally. Choosing a web design service company that understands how to improve both the UX and UI of a website can help make the platform operate at stable and consistent conditions regardless of the platform or device use. 

Database Management

Companies with a comprehensive backlog of data would require an accessible and manageable system to ensure simple sorting methods to help with efficient maintenance and tracking. Database management is essential for e-commerce businesses to keep track of every click, purchase, and backlink.

Mobile Support

Mobile users are increasing with each passing year. Hiring a web designer to ensure that all web pages can adjust to factors such as the screen size, graphic design, and number of site visitors are also included regardless of the mobile devices used.  

Soft Skills

Understanding the technical components is essential to most designers and developers. However, partnering to create a website design that fully incorporates the ideas and brand identity to completion also requires soft skills to ensure that the planning and development stages are consistent across the board.

Here are some of the essential soft skills to consider:


There's nothing more complicated than miscommunication, regardless of whether it's between clients or personnel. Companies should always consider working with a web design service that understands the importance of open communication while also maintaining the freedom to express ideas and concerns to improve the overall output.

Attention to Detail

Both web designers and developers should consider the industry as a whole, not just the production of the website itself. Web design service companies that place an emphasis on having keen attention to detail can easily manage flaws in a website and make it easier to address any concerns.


Designing a website requires a lot of collaboration between different divisions in a company. It's critical that the developers that you have chosen take the time and care to establish a strong team ethic to help streamline the web design process. Cooperation will steadily increase by allowing your developers to directly interact with various sectors involved in the website development process. 

Design Skills

Website design takes the fundamentals of basic perception. It turns it into a brand that allows users to feel the need to click and read through the information presented. Knowing what your audience will be enticed to look at can make it more accessible to manage design elements to suit their needs while also simplifying their viewing experience. 

These are some key design skills to look for:

Graphic Skills

Most developers understand the basics of placing an image or text in an attractive font. However, some of the best web design services have specialists working with them to provide detailed graphic skills to help flesh out ideas and concepts to a more approachable end. Utilize their design knowledge to formulate unique-looking logos and images for better visual appeal.


The last thing any user wants to see on a website is clutter. Too much information and imagery can have a negative effect on the overall UX/UI design and outlook of a website. Highly qualified website developers understand that spacing is crucial to incorporating a consistent yet attractive website design. 

Interactive Elements

One of the best methods to help a website stand out is to include the use of interactive elements such as a carousel effect on various media. Clever utilization of these web design services can help formulate a more professional-looking site, which helps improve the overall brand identity of the company itself.

Key Takeaway

Different web design services can offer vast improvements in a website's overall structure and visual appeal. However, hiring software developers who understand the complex nature of effective design outputs is an excellent system for companies to take advantage of to maximize the potential and usability of their websites.

Focus on components such as better user experience and user interface can help with getting more responsiveness out of your website. Also, a good color palette and spacing can help spread your website's information and its content without cluttering the overall page layout for your audience.

If you're ready to take your web design services to the next level, contact us at sales@aloa.co for more information.

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