Outsourcing Amidst COVID-19: Launching Your Startup

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Entrepreneurship During a Pandemic

We keep hearing about how these are “unprecedented times.” As redundant as it is, there is no denying that this fact is indisputably true. We have become afraid for our health, staying six feet away from our loved ones. We have been forced to shelter in place, leaving many to feel imprisoned in our own homes. And we have been left feeling helpless in a world that is under the tyranny of a pandemic. “Unprecedented” only begins to explain the terrifying unfamiliarity that has become our new lives.

While everyone has been affected by COVID-19, there is one group that has been hit particularly hard by our new reality: entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship under normal conditions is no easy feat, but under a worldwide pandemic, business leaders must demonstrate even more adaptability and tenacity than before. Faced with a declining global economy and a health crisis that impedes the ability to meet in person, the uncertainty and risk that inevitably accompanies entrepreneurship have been greatly amplified. 

However, it is also noteworthy that entrepreneurship can flourish during times of crisis. The new availability of time for thought and reflection can cultivate creativity, especially with the growing momentum to create change. The low interest rates in today’s economy may even help make financial risks more plausible for some entrepreneurs. All that being said, now might actually be a good time to take that leap of faith and start the business you have always dreamed of.

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Is It Time to Digitize Your Business?

Starting a business comes with challenges — some of which are exacerbated by this pandemic. While it is easy to dwell on the negative impact that this pandemic has had on business, the positive effect it has had on online business must be recognized. We live in an increasingly digital world, and social media and online platforms have become even more central to our lives during this time of physical distancing. As entrepreneurs face the transformational road block that is COVID-19, they need to pivot in order to keep moving forward, and this pivot should be in the direction of digital platforms.

It is difficult to know where to start when it comes to moving business online, but all online platforms require software development. The need for programming poses additional challenges because as an entrepreneur, you may be inexperienced with software development, you may lack formal education about how software works, and you may have limited funds for hiring an in-house team of software developers. Furthermore, when it comes to software outsourcing, it can be difficult to navigate the various frustrations regarding the quality of developers, the transparency of a development process you may not fully understand, and the accountability of being left to manage this entire process alone.

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Software Outsourcing With Aloa

This is where Aloa comes into play. Aloa is an outsourcing platform is crafted specifically for startups, and Aloa has helped over 75 entrepreneurs create online platforms over the past two years. Aloa works tirelessly to match you with a team of highly vetted software developers, helps you manage your project for maximum efficiency and transparency, and provides you an Outsourcing Strategist to make sure that you are never alone. Furthermore, the outsourcing platform was constructed for the user’s benefit; this means minimized stress and a healthy and professional partnership between the startup and the developers.

Additionally, Aloa believes in a world where anyone can innovate freely. That means anyone. You do not need any background in technology, computer science, or software development in order to create an online platform. Entrepreneurs have enough hurdles to overcome, and software development should not be one of them. Aloa will help pair you with developers who are best suited to tackle your project, and your Outsourcing Strategist will continue to facilitate this relationship to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Furthermore, your Outsourcing Strategist will work with you to build and enforce a personalized development strategy to help keep your project on track.

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Now Is the Time to Take That Leap

Maybe you are debating starting that business you have always aspired to create. Maybe you are currently facing a roadblock, starting a business in a world that has shifted online. Or maybe you are already trying to move business online, but you are hindered by a lack of technical experience. Whatever the challenge, the Aloa team will strive to help you overcome it through custom software development.

It is normal to be afraid of what you don’t know, and our world is a scary and uncertain place right now. Don’t let software development contribute to that fear. Be the entrepreneur you have always wanted to become. Be the one to take that risk. Be fearless.

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