Hire a Cross Platform Mobile App Developer: 7+ Options

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Mobile app development trends are rapidly evolving, responding to the increasing demand for apps that function seamlessly across multiple platforms. For businesses aiming to enhance user engagement, hiring a skilled cross platform mobile app developer becomes crucial. These developers leverage development frameworks that allow a single codebase to deploy on various mobile operating systems, ensuring a unified user experience across all devices.

Aloa, an expert in software outsourcing, specializes in connecting businesses with a top-tier cross platform mobile app developer. Our developers are proficient in web technologies and programming languages, essential for creating robust mobile solutions. From native APIs to hybrid apps, they ensure that each application maximizes the use of native components while maintaining the flexibility of web applications.

Drawing from years of industry expertise, we've put together this guide that explores top platforms for hiring a cross platform mobile app developer. We will go through some key considerations in choosing a developer and provide practical tips for utilizing development frameworks effectively. After reading, you will gain insights into managing mobile development approaches, from app store deployments to maintaining application development best practices.

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Top 8 Excellent Cross Platform Mobile App Developer Teams to Explore

The demand for cross platform mobile app development teams is ever-growing in a competitive market. These teams have the expertise to seamlessly create mobile applications across multiple platforms, maximizing reach and user engagement. Here, we've curated a list of the top 8 cross platform mobile app developer teams worth exploring.

1. Aloa - Best Site to Hire Cross Platform Mobile App Developer

aloa homepage

Aloa is a global leader that helps businesses expand their digital and creative teams globally. If you aim to supplement your team with multiple developers or designers, or are looking to bring a specific product vision to life, Aloa connects you with a top-tier cross platform mobile app developer from across the globe. They excel in seamlessly integrating software frameworks with your existing operations, ensuring that your project benefits from the highest level of skill and dedication in the tech industry.

Their rigorous selection process sets Aloa apart, where only the best cross platform mobile app developer is selected. With over 10,000 software agencies vetted, Aloa commits to offering only the most proficient and versatile developers who specialize in varied tech stacks and programming languages. This unique vetting process streamlines the hiring sequence and guarantees that you engage with professionals who bring innovative solutions and dependable results to your projects.

Notable Features of Working with Aloa

  • Extensive Partner Network: Aloa’s global reach in vetting over 10,000 software agencies ensures access to an elite cross platform mobile app developer.
  • Rigorous Vetting Process: Each developer undergoes a comprehensive assessment to meet Aloa’s high standards of quality and expertise.
  • Transparent Performance Reports: Clients receive regular updates, maintaining transparency and trust throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Dedicated Support System: From initial consultation to project completion, Aloa provides unwavering support, ensuring smooth project execution.

Aloa Pricing Plans

Aloa offers flexible pricing options tailored to your project's scale and complexity. Whether you need hourly rates or prefer a retainer basis, Aloa accommodates all models. For precise project estimates or to discuss monthly discounts, prospective clients should contact Aloa directly at sales@aloa.co.

Industries ranging from startups to large enterprises greatly value partnering with Aloa. Especially those in dynamic sectors requiring robust tech support and rapid scalability benefit the most. Aloa’s approach ensures clients receive tailored solutions to foster immediate and long-term success.

2. Silicon IT Hub - Best for Comprehensive Mobile App Development

Silican IT hub homepage

Silicon IT Hub excels in crafting cross platform mobile apps that deliver seamless performance across various devices. Their cross-platform mobile app development expertise ensures high-quality solutions tailored to diverse client needs. Specializing in optimized coding practices, they ensure every technical attribute required for robust app development is meticulously managed.

Silicon IT Hub is committed to 100% success and a 75% client retention rate. Their unique approach includes using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, allowing them to cater to evolving project requirements effectively and efficiently.

Notable Features of Working with Silicon IT Hub

  • Dedicated Team: Access a team of skilled cross platform mobile app developers focused on quality and efficiency.
  • Flexible Hiring Models: Choose from full-time, part-time, or hourly engagement models to best suit your project needs.
  • Advanced Project Management: Utilize tools like JIRA and Basecamp for transparent and effective project tracking.
  • Global Reach: With offices in the USA and India, they cater to a global clientele, ensuring broad accessibility and support.

Silicon IT Hub Pricing Plans

Silicon IT Hub offers diverse pricing plans on a full-time, part-time, and hourly basis to accommodate different project sizes and budgets. For detailed pricing, potential clients should contact the company directly as they tailor their quotes to meet specific project requirements.

Industries ranging from healthcare to education and retail benefit significantly from Silicon IT Hub's cross-platform mobile app development. Businesses looking for reliable, scalable, and efficient mobile applications will find Silicon IT Hub an ideal partner.

3. The One Technologies - Best for Efficient Project Management

the one technologies homepage

The One Technologies is renowned for transforming creative ideas into practical mobile solutions. With 12+ years of experience, they leverage top frameworks like Xamarin and Flutter to deliver apps with consistent user experiences across all platforms. Their developers ensure applications perform seamlessly on iOS, Android, or Windows.

Unique to The One Technologies is their mastery of cross platform mobile app development, which provides rigorous QA testing to ensure error-free solutions and uphold confidentiality. Their development process is distinguished by effective project management and a commitment to cost-efficiency, making them a top choice for cross platform development needs.

Notable Features of Working with The One Technologies

  • Experienced Developers: Gain access to developers skilled in multiple frameworks for tailored cross platform solutions.
  • Secure and Reliable: Prioritize security with their robust app development process.
  • Efficient Project Management: Utilize advanced tools like Jira and Trello to streamline project tracking.
  • Comprehensive Support: Offers continuous support, including bug fixes, performance optimization, and regular updates.

The One Technologies Pricing Plans

The One Technologies provides flexible pricing models for various project demands and budgets. Contact them directly for detailed pricing information based on specific project requirements.

Healthcare, education, and retail firms benefit immensely from The One Technologies’ cross platform app development. They cater to businesses aiming for high-quality, scalable apps that provide a consistent experience across multiple platforms.

4. Appnovation - Best for Agile and Adaptive Development

appnovation homepage

Appnovation delivers high-quality, multi-platform user experiences. They specialize in utilizing standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, ensuring their cross-platform mobile app development is robust and effective. This approach allows them to create apps that offer a consistent and engaging user experience across all devices.

Appnovation's extensive use of adaptive and responsive design techniques makes it unique among cross platform mobile app developers. They incorporate advanced frameworks like AngularJS and PhoneGap, crucial for developing native web apps that provide a seamless user experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Notable Features of Working with Appnovation

  • Comprehensive Expertise: Expert cross platform mobile app developer creates solutions that ensure accessibility across various platforms.
  • Agile and Adaptive Development: They maintain flexibility and responsiveness throughout the development process using agile methodologies.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Dedicated to customer satisfaction, they provide continuous updates and comprehensive support.
  • Global Service Reach: With a cross functional team of over 300 experts worldwide, they offer extensive support and collaboration options.

Appnovation Pricing Plans

Appnovation provides competitive pricing for its cross platform mobile app development services. While specific rates are tailored to project needs, potential clients can contact them directly for precise quotations and consulting.

Businesses across industries benefit from Appnovation's services, particularly those needing robust, scalable applications that perform consistently across multiple platforms. Companies aiming for high user engagement and streamlined digital experiences find Appnovation ideal to work with.

5. IT Path Solutions - Best for Responsive Cross Platform App Development

IT path solutions homepage

IT Path Solutions delivers cross platform mobile app development services known for delivering responsive and feature-rich applications that enhance user engagement across all platforms. Focusing on employing advanced frameworks like Flutter and React Native, they specialize in creating apps that provide a consistent and intuitive user experience on any device.

IT Path Solutions offers enterprise-level development that aligns with business goals, ensuring that large companies receive tailored cross-platform applications. Their capability to integrate apps seamlessly with primary cloud services like AWS and Azure sets them apart, facilitating enhanced functionality and scalability.

Notable Features of Working with IT Path Solutions

  • Quick Deployment: Develop and launch apps efficiently with a single codebase applicable across multiple platforms.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Thanks to their innovative hybrid app development approach, clients save on development costs without compromising app quality.
  • Enhanced Security: Utilize platforms that convert native components securely into cross platform applications.
  • Cloud Integration: Easy integration with cloud technologies ensures robust app performance and scalability.

IT Path Solutions Pricing Plans

IT Path Solutions provides flexible hiring models, including hourly, monthly, and dedicated terms, tailored to meet various project demands and budget constraints. Detailed pricing information can be directly obtained by contacting their team.

Primarily, start-ups and large enterprises across industries like technology and healthcare reap the most benefits from IT Path Solutions' cross platform app development. These businesses are ideal candidates for their services, aiming for high-quality, scalable, and secure app solutions.

6. Velvetech - Best for Comprehensive Support

velvetech homepage

Velvetech creates mobile solutions that ensure a consistent user experience across different platforms. Their expertise in cross platform mobile app development allows them to craft hybrid apps that rival the performance of native applications. This makes them a top choice for businesses looking to launch quickly and efficiently.

Velvetech's unique offering includes comprehensive cross platform app consulting, helping clients navigate through application strategy, risk management, and delivery. Their ability to integrate advanced technologies like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter sets them apart, enabling the development of apps that perform seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms.

Notable Features of Working with Velvetech

  • Expert Consulting: Receive strategic guidance on cross platform development tailored to specific business needs.
  • Advanced Technology Use: Leverage state-of-the-art frameworks for consistent performance across all platforms.
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Choose from dedicated teams, staff augmentation, or a complete digital technology partnership.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from ongoing support and optimization to adapt the app to evolving market demands.

Velvetech Pricing Plans

Velvetech provides various hiring models, including dedicated development teams and staff augmentation to suit project scales and budgetary requirements. Specific pricing details are available upon direct inquiry to ensure tailored solutions.

Healthcare, finance, and retail industries derive significant value from Velvetech’s cross platform apps due to their robust architecture and engaging design. Companies seeking rapid market entry without compromising quality will find their services especially beneficial.

7. X-Byte Enterprise Solutions - Best for Scalable Cross Platform Apps

x-byte enterprise solutions homepage

X-Byte Enterprise Solutions creates user-centric and highly compatible applications. They specialize in delivering solutions that enhance user engagement across multiple device platforms, employing advanced cross platform technologies to meet diverse client needs effectively.

Unique to X-Byte Enterprise Solutions is its proven process of blending emerging tools and technologies with a versatile hiring approach. This combination allows clients to employ a cross platform mobile app developer adept at optimizing app performance and engagement, distinguishing X-Byte from others in the field.

Notable Features of Working with X-Byte Enterprise Solutions

  • Comprehensive Tech Stack: Utilizes advanced frameworks and tools such as Django, Flask, and React Native to build robust applications.
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Offers hourly, dedicated team, or monthly hiring models to suit various project requirements and budgets.
  • Proven Track Record: Trusted by top brands like Amazon and L'Oreal for delivering high-quality cross platform solutions.
  • Quick Hiring Process: Can onboard a cross platform mobile app developer within 48 hours to expedite project commencement.

X-Byte Enterprise Solutions Pricing Plans

X-Byte offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs and provides easy replacement options and predefined deadlines. Clients can choose from hourly, dedicated team, or monthly engagement models to best match their project size and scope.

Retail, healthcare, and finance industries benefit immensely from X-Byte's tailored cross platform app solutions. It is ideal for businesses with rapid market entry and broad audience reach through high-quality, cross platform apps.

8. AllianceTek - Best for Framework Integration

AllianceTek homepage

AllianceTek excels as a cross platform mobile app developer, expertly crafting applications that perform consistently across different platforms. Their cross platform mobile app development services are distinguished by their use of significant frameworks like PhoneGap and Titanium and their ability to seamlessly integrate complex functionalities such as GPS, push notifications, and social media.

AllianceTek sets itself apart as a cross-platform mobile app developer by offering comprehensive development teams instead of individual developers. This approach ensures that all technical details are managed effectively, from UI and UX design to backend scalability, offering a robust solution for any mobile app requirement.

Notable Features of Working with AllianceTek

  • Comprehensive Team Support: Engage with a full team that includes business analysts, UI/UX designers, and quality assurance specialists.
  • Flexible Hiring Models: Opt for full-time, part-time, or hourly engagement based on your project’s scale and complexity.
  • Technology Expertise: Leverage their extensive knowledge in multiple technologies, including JQuery, Kendo UI, and Ionic.
  • Rapid Responsiveness: Expect swift feedback and constant communication, ensuring your project aligns perfectly with your business goals.

AllianceTek Pricing Plans

AllianceTek offers flexible pricing models that cater to varying project needs and budgets. Specific pricing details are customized to each project, ensuring a cost-effective solution for clients.

From startups to large enterprises in sectors like healthcare, education, and retail, businesses benefit from AllianceTek’s cross platform mobile app development. Their services are particularly advantageous for companies looking to efficiently enhance their mobile presence across multiple platforms.

How To Choose The Best Cross Platform Mobile App Developer Team

how to choose mobile team

When developing a mobile application that runs seamlessly across multiple platforms and finding the right cross platform mobile app developer, here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the selection process and choose the most suitable developers for your project.

Step 1: Assess Your Requirements

Before diving into the hiring process, clearly defining your project requirements is essential. Determine the features you want, the platforms you need to support, and any specific functionalities your app must have. This clarity will enable you to identify developers with the necessary skills and expertise in cross platform development.

Step 2: Research Potential Candidates

Once you understand your requirements, research potential cross platform mobile app developer teams. Look for companies or individuals with a proven track record in custom mobile app development services. Pay attention to their portfolios, client testimonials, and the technologies they specialize in, such as React Native and native code.

Step 3: Evaluate Development Tools and Frameworks

Analyze the development tools and frameworks utilized by each candidate. Consider factors like the availability of UI components, hot reload features, and ease of code reuse. Opt for developers who leverage the best frameworks and tools to streamline the development process and maximize code reuse, reducing development time and effort.

Step 4: Review Previous Projects

Reviewing the previous projects undertaken by potential candidates is crucial in assessing their capabilities. Examine the quality of their work, the apps' performance, and their adherence to best practices in mobile application development. Pay close attention to their ability to create native-like experiences across different platforms.

Step 5: Discuss Terms of Engagement

Once you've shortlisted a few candidates, schedule meetings to discuss the terms of engagement. This way, you can also clarify project timelines, deliverables, pricing, and ownership of the source code, ensuring that the chosen cross platform mobile app developer team offers the best solution tailored to your needs. Be sure to set transparent terms and a clear understanding of your project goals.

Key Takeaway

Selecting the right cross platform mobile app developer team is essential to software development project success. The team you choose should excel in both hybrid and native app development. You may even consider using a single shared codebase, so you can efficiently deploy to iOS and Android devices. This approach saves time and ensures consistency across different mobile platforms. Always check their portfolio on sites to hire mobile app developers for proven expertise in mobile app development frameworks and user interface design.

Furthermore, assess their expertise in custom mobile app development services. Look for a strong track record in both hybrid and native app development. Such teams should demonstrate proficiency in managing a single code base while delivering excellent user interface designs and maintaining the app development process across different mobile app development frameworks.

Looking to enhance your business’s mobile strategy with efficient, cost-effective solutions? Expand your capabilities quickly by engaging a skilled cross platform mobile app developer. For a seamless start and ways to hire app developers proficient in Android and iOS app creation, schedule a call with sales@aloa.co to streamline your software development needs today.

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